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  • Discover your innate power to manage menopause symptoms with natural ease.

  • Shift from enduring disruptive hot flashes to finding holistic relief and balance.

  • Learn how to navigate mood swings and sleep disturbances with targeted wellness solutions.

  • Equip yourself with curated products for a rejuvenating menopause journey.

  • Move beyond the daily struggles of menopause to embracing a vibrant, balanced life.

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Meet Valencia

Valencia Wallace is the Founder & CEO of Akanni Beauty, a wellness brand focused on natural solutions for menopausal symptom management. 

As a Certified Wellness Coach and Natural Skincare Formulator, Valencia champions the cause of holistic well-being for women navigating the complexities of menopause. Her business, Akanni Beauty, was selected by Shell LiveWIRE Louisiana in 2023, highlighting her innovative approach to natural wellness.


As a postmenopausal wife and mother, she brings personal insight into the challenges of menopause, advocating for natural symptom management. With 8 bestselling books on empowerment and resilience, she is deeply committed to educating women over 40 about health, self-care, and wellness, emphasizing its transformative impact on their lives.

valencia griffin wallace
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