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Enjoying Sunset

July is Social Wellness Month!

AND we're here to celebrate it unapologetically!

​Menopause can be a challenging time. Building and maintaining positive relationships can reduce stress, combat feelings of isolation, and enhance your wellness. It all starts with self-care.

Eco-Luxury Natural Care To Empower Your Menopause Journey

“The packaging was stellar.  I love the attention given to the smallest of details.  The box smelled so good when I opened it.  The candle had it smelling luxurious.  It was easy to tell that a lot of thought had gone into choosing each item in the box.."


Who says menopause is about anti-aging? At Akanni Beauty, our mission is to empower you to embrace your menopause journey unapologetically. Our founder, Valencia, is a post-menopausal woman who lives a holistic lifestyle and managed perimenopause naturally. We're here to support you with luxurious, natural wellness products designed specifically for menopausal women.

valencia wallace
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