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ABW or Perimenopausal?

"The stereotype of the ABW (Angry Black Woman) has been around longer than my 45.9

years of life. In fact, I have been accused of such...foolery. However, now in perimenopause, I understand that it is not ALL me. My hormones have to take part of the blame."

Are you struggling with the mood swings of perimenopause? You're not alone! While hormones play a role, other things like can contribute to these emotional ups and downs.

Stress: Divorce, death and job changes can increase mood swings. Many of us have experienced a death one or all three of these in the last 2 years. Everyday stressors like traffic, bills and even the changes your body is going through right now can have you on the edge. Recognize the stressors in your life and get help if you need it. Having a non biased ear to listen can be a tremendous weight off your shoulders. Practicing self-care helps. Something as simple as meditation or journaling can reduce your stress levels.

Sleep Issues: Getting "quality" sleep during perimenopause is easier said than done, right? Between stress levels keeping you woke and the night sweats waking you up, the sleep you are getting is probably far from "quality." Try to establish a bedtime routine that includes a warm, relaxing bath with aromatherapy. Before you go to bed, do a brain dump when you write down everything on your mind rather it is next day tasks or what bothered you that day. It helps clear your mind making it easier to enjoy your bath and bed routine.

Mood swings, while part of your menopausal journey, doesn't have to take over your life. Incorporating daily habits like exercise, avoid that evening cup of coffee and journaling can reduce the intensity of mood swings.

This journey has been a long one and I still have many years left. Hopefully these tips will help you understand and manage your mood swings. Taking care of yourself is key--practice self care, talk to your doctor, talk to your therapist and try to get some sleep.

We want you to be emotionally and physically health.

P.S. The next time someone accuses your of being an ABW tell them you are just menopausal. Promise it will change the whole conversation.

Until next time,



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