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BTS: My Journey In Menopause and Entrepreneurship

As a entrepreneur going through menopause, I'm learning more about life than at any other point before. When I decided to start Akanni shortly after the confirmation of perimenopause, I was on that whole "hustle and grind" mentality mode.

I tried to ignore some of the symptoms and push through, believing that taking a break would be a sign of weakness. However, I quickly realized that this wasn't going to work. If I was going to truly build Akanni to be all that I know it could be, I had to do it in a way that worked for me not against me.

When you are building a business while also on your menopausal journey, it is a little different. This weekly blog will show the BTS of going through two journeys, one menopause and the other entrepreneurship. Both emotional with challenges and successes of their own.

This week I learned: Embrace The Experiences

I have various accountability partners and classes. Sometimes, the action steps are easy, breezy and fun other times they aren't.

This week's challenge was doing a founder video. I can't be the only one that looks in the mirror sometimes and on one day feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I mean that, sometimes I feel like I am 30 again. Then there are those days where you look in the mirror and don't recognize yourself.

So, I tried writing a script of what I should say. ALL the takes felt forced and I sounded rehearsed. Anyone who knew me would have wondered if I was being held hostage.

If I tell someone I had a hard time recording a video, they would have a hard time believing it. After all, I used to go live with a mic but now things are different.

It is important for us to remember, that menopause doesn't have define us, it redefines us. That means you can do things you used to do, but different.

Focus On My Strengths-I took time to think about things I have achieved and the obstacles I have overcame in life. This gave me the confidence I needed to know doing this video won't make or break me.

Be Nice To Myself-It was perfectly okay for me not to be perfect. No one is perfect and it was wrong for me to put the pressure of perfection on myself.

Just Get It Done-Taking the expectations off of myself, I promised myself to do my best and with that, I did it.

Ultimately, embracing who you are right now takes a different kind of courage. Remember, focus on your strengths, be nice to yourself, and just get it done. No matter what IT is.

Check in next week for more behind the scenes as I take on new challenges and experiences while building Akanni.


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