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Summer Skincare and Wellness Tips

Things change during the summer, so should you. Well, at least your skincare and wellness. Let's face it, some of us dread the summer time. You can't cool off, everything feels hot and heavy. If you are like me, your face needs to breathe a little bit more. Here are a few summer skincare and wellness tips to help you stay cool, calm and hopefully collected during the summer.

summer skincare and wellness

Anti-Aging Moisturizers:

Choosing the right moisturizer is crucial. Most people think that it will add sweat or make your skin feel heavier. Not true. Moisturizers that contain skin friendly ingredients like antioxidants. Antioxidants are beneficial for your skin because they promote healthy skin and can protect it from damage. Some of those ingredients you want to look for are Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Rosehip Seed Oil, Pomegranate Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Aloe Vera, and Turmeric.

Sun Protection:

Don't believe the hype, melanated skin still need protection. Harmful UV rays can cause sun damage, cause premature aging and make those dark marks darker.

Night Cream:

Intense night time hydration and skin nourishment is perfect for the summer. Make sure you are using one that is specifically for your skin type. Ideally you want ceramides, niacinamide and Vitamin E. These can help skin repair while you get your beauty sleep.

Eye Care:

Your eyes are normally where aging shows first. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark and/or puffy circles can be reduce with an effective eye cream. You want Vitamin C, peptides, hyaluronic acid which can improve the appearance. Make sure you wear a pair of cool shades to keep you from squinting and causing those side eye lines.

Face Oils:

If you have used the right face oil, you know it can be a game changer. They can provide an extra boost and restore that radiant glow you had in your 20's. Here you want to look for oils with rosehip, argan, or marula. They have the antioxidants you need and essential fatty acids.


Serums that contain hyaluronic acid or glycerin can help combat dryness and plump your skin which plump here is good and reduces the appearance of fine lines.


Many of us drop the ball here. Exfoliation is key to maintaining smooth skin. You want a gentle exfoliator that is for your skin type. Avoid harsh ingredients and use 2-3 times a week as your skin tolerates it.

Collagen Supplements:

Collagen plays a crucial role in maintaining skin elasticity, but its production naturally decreases with age. Consider adding collagen-boosting supplements to your wellness routine. These supplements, enriched with collagen peptides, vitamins, and minerals, can support skin health and help maintain a youthful appearance.

I recently started using a powder form that is tasteless and I add it to my coffee.


It is hot outside which can increase hot flashes, night sweats and peoples tempers. Stress can contribute to aging (the not so good side of it) and your overall wellness. If at no other time, deep breathing and meditation is important. You can incorporate this with a guided meditation or while you do stretching.

Hope these tips help. The official start of summer is June 21st. Get the tools you need NOW to make sure you are ready to get that summer glow naturally.



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