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5 Ways People Over 40 Become Unhappy

And how you can avoid being one of "those" unhappy people no one likes...

Many people focus so much on getting older and the negatives that they forget the greatness of it. As we get older, changes and challenges will happen. Some people enjoy this part of life while others find themselves unhappy and discontent.

Here are five ways people over 40 may become unhappy and how you can avoid it:

Tip #1 - Neglecting physical health

Is your freshman 15 still with you? Are you still carrying "baby weight" even though you are now a grandparent?

As you get older, your hormones are all over the place. You may start going through some emotional times like the mood swings that come with menopause. It is easy to fall into habits that aren't so good for you. I know if I am not feeling my best, I tend to skip the exercise and go straight for the cookie dough. We all can relate to being so busy with our career and family obligations that doctor's appointments get rescheduled or out right cancelled. BUT studies show that exercise improves your mental health. So if for no other reason, you need to focus on making better choices, prioritize your activities and rest.

Tip #2 - Focusing on regrets

We all can think about missed opportunities and mistakes that we wish we could undo, but why? It is easier to dwell on the woulda coulda shouldas that emotionally drain you than just accepting that it is what it is. Remind yourself as of TODAY there is no way to go back and undo mistakes or take advantage of an opportunity, so take the lesson and use it to direct your future.

"Regret can be a powerful teacher, but it's important not to dwell on the past for too long. Instead, use the lessons learned to guide your actions in the present and create a better future."Unknown

Tip #3 - Isolating

This is one of those things that most of us were forced to do in 2020 and haven't yet got out of the comfort of being alone. It can get lonely and you can feel disconnected. Don't live in that moment. Start connecting with at least one good friend regularly and even though it may feel uncomfortable, get out and be social.

Tip #4 - Comparison

Social media can be great, but it has also fostered in a culture of highlights. It is easy to compare your real life to someone else filtered, edited life and think you aren't up to par with others. Everyone's journey is different so focus on YOU. No one knows what it took to get where you are. Celebrate that part. Remember, people post the photo that they feel is perfect or that conveys the message they want to...but you will never see the 10 before that. Focus on your goals and accomplishments instead of comparing yourself.

Tip #5 - Resisting change

Just because you have done it a certain way since 1985 doesn't make it the right way in 2023. Change can be scary and uncomfortable. However, one of the things that keeps our minds moving and our soul growing is embracing new experiences. You may find something you like or love. You may discover a new talent or recipe. You may even discover a new business.

In high school, I hated chemistry. In fact, I actually failed the second semester of my junior year in high school and had to retake it in my senior year. Now, I have a business where I am writing formulas, researching and using ingredients. I actually own beakers and magnetic stirrers. I had to take classes and get certified to create the formulas to produce great products. All of that is chemistry. Embracing change helped me renew a sense of purpose and tap into a learning ability I didn't know I had.

So ask yourself...

Do I want to be happy or not after 40? It is really that simple. If you want to be happy, evaluate how your behaviors are keeping you from being the happy person you want to be.

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Until next time, take care of you. Make sure you tune in to another Thursday live on Facebook at 7:30 pm cst where I will be discussing how menopause effects your friendships with Tonya of Wisechoice Creations.



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