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menopause care gift

An Experience for Your Menopause 

Discover The 'Me (Menopause) Time Experience': a quarterly subscription box curated for your menopause journey, from peri to post. An eco-luxury self-care and wellness experience designed exclusively for the emotional and physical challenges of menopause. 

Akanni Beauty is dedicated to empowering women through their menopause journey, offering education and natural solutions that address both the emotional and physical symptoms. Our mission focuses on enhancing the menopausal experience, ensuring every woman feels supported, informed, and cared for.

Must Have Experience For Menopause

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“The packaging was stellar.  I love the attention given to the smallest of details.  The box smelled so good when I opened it.  The candle had it smelling luxurious.  It was easy to tell that a lot of thought had gone into choosing each item in the box.."


Who Is 'The Me Time Experience' For?

The 'Me (Menopause) Time Experience' is for women navigating menopause, from peri to post. Each box is an experience curated by a post-menopausal certified wellness coach. We understand that this phase is more than just a series of physical changes—it's a journey that touches every aspect of life. Our mission is to empower you to embrace this time with confidence, providing tools, knowledge, and a community that enriches your menopause experience. 

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