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Akanni Beauty Peri and Post Menopause Self Care and Wellness

The Story Behind Akanni


My Menopausal Journey

Embarking on my own menopausal journey as a dedicated wife and mother, I was determined not to let menopause dictate the terms of my life. By 42, I recognized the signs of perimenopause and, although HRT was on the table, I chose a different path. Diving deep into research, I sought out education and became a Certified Natural Skincare Formulator and Wellness Coach, crafting innovative, natural solutions for the menopausal maze.

Menopause, once a "shhhh" topic, has been twisted into anti-aging propaganda marred by the celebrity and "beauty" bandwagon — but not on my watch. I believe in celebrating maturity, not masking it. Rejecting the term 'anti-aging,' Akanni is the revolutionary answer to the call for authentic self-care and wellness for the real, magnificent menopausal woman. A woman who honors her age and desires to reclaim her well-being.

Akanni is more than just a line of exceptional products; it's a movement. It's about empowering you to navigate your menopausal journey with grace, knowledge, and a community that champions feeling fabulous at any stage. Welcome to a new era of menopausal wellness, where feeling normal isn't just a hope—it's your new reality

My Personal Story Via You Tube

Our Mission and Vision

At Akanni Beauty, we embody the essence of our name: 'Our meeting brings gifts.' Just as the lotus flower rises from the mud to bloom in all its glory, we believe that the journey through menopause is an opportunity for rebirth and radiant living. Our mission is simple yet profound—to be your ultimate wellness partner, bringing gifts of natural, effective self-care right to your doorstep. We understand that menopause is a transformative chapter, filled with its own unique challenges. But just like the lotus, you have the power to rise and bloom, beautifully and unapologetically. When you join the Akanni Beauty tribe, you're not just subscribing to a box; you're joining a community of empowered women committed to thriving through every stage of life. Together, let's redefine menopause, uplift each other, and discover the incredible gifts that this journey has to offer—one exquisite, carefully curated box at a time.

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