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Akanni Beauty Peri and Post Menopause Self Care and Wellness

"It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!"-Rocky Balboa, "Rocky"

Meet Valencia

At the age of 42, Valencia began navigating perimenopause and decided against the prescribed hormones as she lived a holistic life. Her search for natural solutions that didn't scream "Hey, I am menopausal"  revealed a stark gap in the market. When she didn't find products that aligned with her eco-luxury and vibrant lifestyle, she created Akanni Beauty.


Akanni Beauty is not just as a brand, but as a place for education, empowerment, and embracing natural wellness. As a Certified Wellness Coach and Natural Skincare Formulator, Valencia has devoted her life to championing a holistic well-being approach for menopausal women.


In 2023, Akanni Beauty was honored to be chosen for  Shell LiveWIRE Louisiana, a program that helps entrepreneurs grow and sustain their businesses. Her compelling message and vision even earned her a spotlight in their marketing campaigns.


Now postmenopausal, Valencia has authored many bestselling books on empowerment and resilience, sharing her wisdom and experiences. Her steadfast refusal to opt for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and instead, delve into natural solutions, is the essence of Akanni Beauty. Her endeavors light the path for menopausal women, guiding them towards health, self-care, and wellness through the transformative power of education and natural remedies.

In essence, Akanni Beauty invites women to navigate this beautiful, transformative phase with elegance, strength, and confidence.

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Akanni Means...

"Akanni - a name that means 'Our Meeting Brings Gifts'.

At Akanni Beauty, our core belief is in the beauty of aging naturally. Menopause is not something to dread but as a time of growth and transformation.

Our desire was to create a line of products that defy the negative stereotypes of aging. We, as menopausal women, deserved something that would not only look elegant and boost confidence but also be rooted in nature.

Our products are designed to address both physical and emotional wellness. In a market often neglectful of these needs, Akanni Beauty celebrates the menopausal woman. Since launching, Akanni Beauty has evolved into more than just a brand - it's a community.

We invite you to experience Akanni Beauty – because you deserve care that understands and celebrates your journey through menopause."

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Unplugged: In The Media

In-Depth Interviews, Conversations and other with Akanni Beauty founder

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