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Experience the luxury of Akanni's Luxe Dry Body Oil, a blend of natural oils designed for dry, mature skin. This light, non-greasy formula combines Grapeseed and Coconut Oils for deep hydration, while Camellia Seed and Rosehip Seed Oils promote elasticity and a youthful glow. Infused with Geranium and Peppermint Essential Oils for a soothing aroma, and enriched with Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn Oil for skin repair, it leaves your skin silky smooth and revitalized.

Luxe Dry Body Oil (1oz)

SKU: 113020234
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  • Transform your skin care regimen with Akanni's Luxe Dry Body Oil, meticulously crafted for the unique needs of mature, menopausal skin. This ultra-light, non-greasy formula is a harmonious blend of nature's finest oils. Grapeseed Oil, abundant in antioxidants and fatty acids, shields and hydrates your skin. Coconut Oil, known for its deep moisturizing properties, also aids in repairing the skin barrier. The inclusion of Camellia Seed Oil brightens your skin, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, while Rosehip Seed Oil, rich in Vitamins A and C, enhances skin texture and tone. Geranium Essential Oil balances and reduces skin inflammation, complemented by the refreshing and cooling effects of Peppermint Essential Oil. Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, defends against free radical damage, and Sea Buckthorn Oil promotes hydration and elasticity. Regular use of this luxurious oil leaves your skin feeling nourished, soothed, and revitalized, making it an essential part of your daily skin care routine, both morning and night.


    • Deep Nourishment: Grapeseed and Coconut oils deeply moisturize mature skin.
    • Skin Brightening: Camellia Seed and Rosehip Seed oils enhance skin's natural radiance.
    • Soothing and Balancing: Geranium and Peppermint Essential Oils calm the skin and balance its texture.
    • Antioxidant Protection: Enriched with Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn Oil for defending against environmental stressors.
    • Non-Greasy Formula: Ideal for daily use, providing lightweight hydration.
    • Tailored for Mature Skin: Specifically formulated to meet the needs of menopausal ski
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