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A Year Wiser: The Rebellion

If rest is a weapon, then neglecting it is a vulnerability.

rest is a weapon

As I celebrated another trip around the sun on February 11th, amidst the chaos of Mardi Gras, the anticipation of the Super Bowl, and Valentine's Day, I chose to embrace the art of doing nothing. Rebellious, right?

In my 46th year, I found myself on struggle bus autopilot more times than I care to admit. I navigated the journey of hitting post-menopause in March, the mental toll of transitioning from a foster mom to an adoptive one (a journey you can hear more about on The Adoption Journey Podcast), and the pivot of my business from a product-based model to a subscription service—all as a one-woman show.

As women, we are in a constant spiral of change, growth and challenge. Most of us didn't grow up with the "hustle" and "do more" mentality BUT now we most likely are participating in it. It is time to stop that toxicity and rebel.

Rebel against the constant demand to 'do more' and 'be more.' When is the last time you allowed yourself the grace to rest, truly rest, without guilt or hesitation?

Menopause has become so trendy that the reality of it has lost it's impact a bit. The challenges and changes are more than hot flashes or lack of sleep. It is the emotional shifts, the things that demand our attention and also the energy we don't have for the things that demand our attention.

If you want to assert some control here, realize rest is self-preservation at it's finest. Here are some things I am going to incorporate into my daily life and hopefully you will too.

Here's to the rebellion:

Listen to (not just hear) Your Body

Some of the signs you need to slow down might show up in being more irritable, tired and overwhelmed than usual. We know menopause takes you on a tailspin, but if you find yourself spinning more than usual it may be at a critical point. Rather you need a nap, leave the dishes overnight or just a drive by yourself, your body is telling you that you need a break. It is not a suggestion. Depression and anxiety can sometimes be the result of you doing too much. As the old folks used to say "you need to sit down."

Disconnect It

If you are checking your notifications or email before you get out of bed...stop! Staying "connected" can overwhelm and disconnect you from your star player. YOU! Give yourself space to listen to your own thoughts and mind without other people's stuff. The world won't end if you don't like a post or comment. I promise. Step back from the digital destress. Studies show that it may help your mental health. More information on a digital detox here.

"One out of 10 Americans report depression; heavy internet users are 2.5 times more likely to be depressed." – American Academy of Ophthalmology

Reframe Rest as Productive Time

Shift your perspective on what it means to be productive. Rest is not the opposite of productivity; it's a vital component of it. During rest, our bodies repair, our minds clear, and our creativity flourishes. By reframing rest as a productive and necessary process for rejuvenation, you dismantle the guilt often associated with taking a break.

Communication is KEY

KEY: Knowing, Embracing, YOU-centered' becomes a mantra. Rebelling isn't a lone event. It involves your spouse, your friends and other people women who are going through this journey with you. Most of the time, the people around you can offer not only support, but tips and maybe even babysit so you can get rest. But if you don't communicate what you are going can not get what you need.

The Wrap Up

To wrap it all up, remember, Queen, it's more than okay to take that well-deserved break. 'Breaktime,' just like 'NO,' is a complete sentence—a powerful declaration of your need to recharge. My own pause amidst life's frenzy brought me back stronger, more centered, and ready to face the world on my terms.

If you've been pushing through, feeling that edge of burnout, let this be your sign to allow yourself that grace. Your best comes from feeling your best, and sometimes, that starts with a simple, guilt-free pause.

Don’t Forget to Add a Closing Statement

As we journey through menopause, remember that embracing rest is your first step toward reclaiming you. Ready to take that step? Discover the treasures within our February Box, specially curated to inspire rest, rejuvenation, and self-care. This is your moment to treat yourself to wellness and empowerment. The journey to a more balanced, fulfilled life starts with you—let's take that step together.



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